Sterling toilets

As part of the Kohler family, Sterling toilets are a great alternative for people wanting to save money. Some of their product ranges include Karsten, Rockton, Stinson, and several others. We’re going to hand pick and analyze a few of these below. By looking at the overall construction of each and their features, we can get a better understanding of the effectiveness of each and how suited they are to specific requirements.

Stinson 402375-0

The 402375 has an excellent set of features that focus on consumer comfort and happiness, plus flush effectiveness and affordability. This is a low cost option that won’t require you to break the bank on.

The toilet bowl is labelled as luxury height, which is another way of saying universal or ADA height. It adds a few inches to the seating for those that need it and falls between 17-19″. But users that require something even taller aren’t limited to this, for they can make adjustments to the seat itself. There are products known as seat risers which add a few more inches to bring it to 20 inches and above should it be required.

The underlying flush system in use is known as Pro Force, which sends 1.6 gallon through the valve, which is heavier and less water friendly than WaterSense toilets, but certainly better at pushing waste out of its bowl.

It doesn’t come with a seat, so be sure you account for this. However, because it’s more affordable than much of its competition, this enables buyers to find a suitable seat, purchase it separately, and still be less expensive at the end of it.

Windham 402315-RA-0

The 402315-RA-0 is one of our favorite picks because it looks great, and contains all the functions needed for a busy household. It’s two piece, floor mounted, and fits a twelve inch rough. What’s more it has a two inch trapway, and 8 by 9inch water surface area. It looks great, and should be a viable option for people wanting a contemporary style.

Like the Stinson, this is luxury height, meeting the disabled needs, and also has the elongated shape bowl for added comfort.

The glazing goes right the way through to the trapway which will help smooth over the bowls inner surface, ensuring waste is pushed from the bowl more effectively. It may not be efficient, but it does possess a powerful flush that utilizes 1.6 gpf through Pro Force technology.

We will be updating this page with more toilets from Sterling later on. Be sure to check back in the future for more guides.