Kohler Toilets

When it comes to toilet brands, we all have our favorites. Even plumbers know which models and manufacturers they would prefer to use based on years of experience. As someone who has worked in the plumbing industry for over a decade, I’ve concluded that Kohler toilets are the most impressive. This article will look at a few of my favorite products and analyze their specifications using the same toilet rating system as toiletadvice.com.

Kohler Devonshire K-3837

This toilet from the Devonshire collection has quite unique curves and ridges on the tank. It may be a two piece combo without skirting, but it certainly looks nice. Potential buyers will be spoiled for choice in colors, with white, dune, grey, black, thunder, and several others being offered.

Its flush is activated via a left hand trip lever, and it uses a AquaPiston mechanism to cover all 360 degrees of the bowl. Some companies have mechanisms that miss areas within the bowl which can lead to odors and an unhygienic bathroom for all.

It meets EPA water saving guidelines, with a 1.28 gallon flush. Compared to 3.5 gpf toilets, this makes a massive difference in how much water consumers can save over the course of a decade. Most manufacturers agree this can be up to sixty percent.

What’s more, it’s competitively priced despite meeting many of the key specs we look for. You will usually find it for less than 500 bucks.We believe this toilet is an ideal replacement or upgrade for any scenario. It may struggle in a compact bathroom, but for everything else, the stats suggest it will be able to handle with ease.

Kohler Highline K-5481

The Highline toilet collection has many of the same qualities as the Devonshire. A modern, two piece exterior that look amazing. Plenty of bright colors available that work well with sunlight to make your washroom appear more homely.

Perhaps the main area where it differs from the K-3837 is in the bowl shape and flush power. The K-5481 has a round front bowl which is better suited to smaller spaces. It also has class five flush performance, which is really another way of saying this has one of the stronger flushing mechanisms on the market.

However, power doesn’t always make or break a product. You’ve got to look at water efficiency too. Too often do I see brands choosing to sacrifice in this department in favor of a powerful flushing action. Luckily, the Highline doesn’t suffer from this, with both power and water conservation taken into account.

Editors notes

Does it include a toilet seat? Unfortunately, not every company will supply a seat with the bowl and tank. It’s up to you to make sure you fully understand what’s in the box. A seat as a hidden expense can cost as much as fifty dollars.

Rough in – Don’t even begin to shop around until you understand the importance of knowing your rough in size.

Reviews – Before we part with our cash, we always, without fail, look at consumer reviews online. Anything that suffers from continuous problems stick out like a sore thumb and should be avoided at all costs.

Kohler toilets are without a doubt in my mind one of the better brands available. It’s all a matter of opinion, but ours is based on extensive experience, having fitted many of them over the years. Some great alternatives include TOTO, Gerber, Sterling, Mansfield, and American Standard.